Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Product Spotlight: Coin Albums & Coin Folders

For beginners and seasoned vets alike, having the right materials for storing and displaying coin collection specimens is an important factor that will impact your enjoyment of the hobby as well as the value of your collection. Although we started out selling just U.S. state quarters in the beginning 15 years ago, we have since expanded our offerings to include many different coins as well as coin collecting supplies, such as display albums and folders.

Knowing how to store silver coins is essential since most coins contain some amount of silver content and silver is a reactive metal that will become degraded when stored in folders or holders containing PVC plastic. Here you’ll find two high-quality coin album brands, neither of which contains harmful PVC.

Dansco Deluxe Coin Albums display your coins in acetate slides that allow them to be viewed from both sides, which is a real plus. These are loose-leaf albums that easily facilitate removal or addition of pages and are available for use with a range of different coin collections, regardless of denomination. These attractive albums are simulated leather binders that are durable, washable and distinctively embossed in gold lettering with the name of the coin collection for which they’re each designed, such as: American Eagle Silver Dollar, Indian Head Cents, Roosevelt Dimes, and more.

Our Whitman Classic Coin Albums are screw-post configuration binders that are also designed for easy removal or addition of pages. They too allow for coin viewing from both sides and feature thumb notches that allow for individual slides to be easily removed for up-close viewing. These leatherette binders resist dirt and are simple to keep looking good. They are gold-embossed with coin types and years, and each includes a handy data sheet containing mint information and historical backgrounds.

Our coin folders are economically priced, tri-fold holders with spaces where coins will be securely held in place for convenient viewing. They are available in all denominations from pennies to dollars.

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