Monday, November 4, 2013

Morgan Silver Dollars

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Highly Collectible U.S. Silver Dollars

1878 was a momentous year for U.S. coin collectors; with the ban on silver coinage lifted, the U.S. began to produce some of the most highly sought-after numismatic coins. Each Morgan silver dollar is minted from 90% pure silver, thanks to the historically groundbreaking silver strike in Nevada at the time. As mobile devices continue to drive the demand for industrial silver ever higher, the precious metal content of these coins alone makes them a worthwhile investment. However, history has conspired to make these coins far rarer than the metal that they contain.

The Increasing Rarity of Morgan Silver Dollars

One of the mints responsible for producing Morgan silver dollars closed its doors in 1893, making Carson City coins the rarest of these collectibles. All mints stopped making Morgans in 1904, with a single run being produced again in 1921. Aside from the limited production, the Pittman Act of 1918 and the Silver Act forced thousands of U.S. silver dollars to be melted down into bullion and recoined, making the Morgan silver dollar an even more uncommon sight.

As with all coins of their age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find Morgans in good condition, and such coins can command a high price that will only continue to rise as supply dwindles. Though largely ignored at the time it was minted, the rare Morgan silver dollar has become one of the most prized investment coins in the numismatic community. U.S. State Quarters has been a major part of that community since 1999, and has developed a collection of Morgan silver dollars that have been graded everywhere from good to brilliant uncirculated condition. Each of these valuable coins ship free, whether you are looking for easily affordable coins from the Denver or San Francisco Mint, or you are ready to make a sound investment in a rare Carson City coin.

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