Friday, September 20, 2013

1921-D Morgan Silver Dollars

by Jack Chapman

The 1921-D Morgan Silver Dollar is the only issue in the series minted at the Denver Mint. Notably, this is the only year that you can acquire a coin minted at the Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco Mint. This year saw the return of the silver dollar after a seventeen year absence.

20,345,000 of these coins were minted in 1921 making this one of the more common dates in the series.

Some of the nicest examples of Morgan Silver Dollars we have seen have been from this year. The strike is sharp, and the condition of these coins when you find the brilliant uncirculated examples of them can be breathtaking.

The metal composition of these dollar coins in 90% silver and 10% copper. The diameter is 38.1mm and the weight is 26.73 grams. There is .7735 troy ounces of silver in one Morgan Dollar. As of the writing of this article the silver value of one coin would be $16.94 based on a silver price of $21.90 per ounce.

There is a numismatic value associated with each one of these coins. You can find them relatively easily and for a price not much over spot for junk silver. However when buying better quality collector coins you can expect to pay somewhere in the range of $40-$60 for a coin in Extra Fine to Uncirculated in condition. Brilliant uncirculated coins can be anywhere from $60 to hundreds of dollars depending on the grade. The higher the grade the more intrinsic value the coin has.

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